The White Family Foundation partners with various organizations like The Legacy Foundation, Porter County Community Foundation, Crown Point Community Foundation, Crossroads YMCA, Tolleston, and The Big Shoulders Foundation to bring about positive changes in education, healthcare, community development, and public safety.

By working together, they have created a better future through philanthropy and charitable legacies. These partnerships are aimed at making a positive impact on the community by pooling resources and ensuring comprehensive growth. We’re thankful to our partners for their continuous support and commitment to making a difference. Each of their contributions has played a significant role in shaping a brighter future for our communities.

Crossroads YMCA logo

Crossroads YMCA

Crossroads YMCA is devoted to enhancing community well-being by providing essential support and resources across a wide range of programs. With a steadfast commitment to promoting health, youth development, and social responsibility, the organization strives to make a maximum positive impact, enriching the lives of individuals and families throughout their community.

Multi-Agency Academic Cooperative (MAAC) Foundation

The MAAC Foundation is an innovative first responder training organization based in Northwest Indiana. With innovative initiatives like the Residential Tactical Training Village, they offer true-to-life training experiences and enhance public safety. Through this partnership, we aim to enhance the quality of training officers receive, promote teamwork, and strengthen public safety initiatives throughout the region.

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Big Shoulders Fund

The Big Shoulders Foundation operates with a distinctive funding model, where administrative costs are backed by an endowment and various revenue streams. Every penny of the funds we raise is channeled into four key areas: scholarships and enrichment, operational improvements, academic programs, and leadership development. Our mission extends beyond strengthening schools; we aspire to uplift entire communities and equip students for lifelong success.

Purdue University

Purdue University is a leading institution that focuses on promoting academic excellence and innovation while shaping the future leaders and contributors of society. By prioritizing research, education, and community engagement, Purdue aims to enhance the quality of life, advance knowledge, and create a positive impact on a global scale.

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Tolleston Community

The Foundation’s partnership with Tolleston in Gary, Indiana reflects a strategic initiative for resident well-being. By integrating services from the YMCA and Methodist Hospital, this unique opportunity showcases resource consolidation and demonstrates a vision for holistic community development.


The Legacy Foundation serves as the community foundation for Lake County, Indiana, with a focus on providing a personalized approach to philanthropy. Their mission is to empower individuals, families, organizations, and businesses to establish a lasting charitable legacy through thoughtful and impactful giving. They are dedicated to helping their community through generosity and impactful donations.

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Porter County Community Foundation logo

Porter County
Community Foundation

The Porter County Community Foundation aims to inspire generosity and compassion by creating legacies that improve the lives of individuals in Porter County, Indiana. Through their unwavering commitment to promoting lasting contributions, they aspire to make a meaningful and enduring impact on the community.

Crown Point Community Foundation

The Crown Point Community Foundation plays a crucial role in improving the quality of life for the people living in South Lake County. The foundation provides financial aid to the community, manages charitable contributions, and strategically allocates resources to address philanthropic needs, ensuring targeted and impactful change in the region.

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Franciscan Health

Franciscan Health is a healthcare institution that is dedicated to providing high-quality medical services with compassion. The foundation is proud to collaborate with Franciscan as we share the same commitment to community well-being. Through our strategic partnership, we aim to synergize efforts, fostering a collective impact that advances healthcare and uplifts the well-being of individuals and families across Northwest, Indiana.