The Dean and Barbara White Family Foundation supports projects that promote new economic development, demonstrate a sustained positive impact, and benefit community foundations, educational institutions, civic entities, local government, and non-profit organizations through matching gifts.

Opportunity Enterprises – Lake Eliza Campus Tree House

Opportunity Enterprises works to empower individuals with developmental disabilities by enhancing their quality of life through a variety of social and daily living services. This $1.2 million donation from the Foundation provides support to caregivers and offers their loved ones a unique tree-top experience amidst the beauty of Lake Eliza.


Bulldog Park aims to improve the city’s property values while maintaining, protecting, and enhancing Crown Point residents’ lifestyles.

Crown Point Veteran’s Memorial Park and Skate Park

In September 2022, Crown Point began building Crown Point Veteran’s Memorial Park in Sauerman Woods. The park includes a 10-foot-deep pond, green spaces, a playground, an open-air pavilion, a walking path, pickleball, sand volleyball courts, war-themed nodes, and a plaza honoring 1,200 local World War casualties.


Lowell’s Town Council approved a $3.5 million grant from The Foundation to redesign and rename Liberty Park in honor of the late William R. Nassau. The project will introduce modern amenities, including an outdoor amphitheater, a community building, splash pads, playgrounds, and outdoor shelters.